Gym Apparel

Our strength is our knowledge and awareness of the latest developments in the athleisure industry.


We have extensive experience of sportswear due to our portfolio of clients and serving them over the years.

Boxing gear

As the market for boxing goods is fast expanding, the quality of the raw materials available to us such as our split leather allows our clients to make the most durable products.

Weight-lifting Gloves

We are the renowned glove-manufacturing specialists as not only our clients love our work and experience but the direct customer feedback we receive has also been phenomenal.

About us

We are a manufacturing company with foreign offices and have our own factories based in Asia that enable us to provide our clients with the best quality fitness accessories and clothing. Our prices enable our clients to significantly reduce their costs and expand their profit margins.

We started in 1960s when we realized how skilled and cheap labor coupled with good quality raw materials in Asia could provide substantial cost-cutting benefits to clients worldwide and ever-since we have been partnering with our clients to help them grow.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing weight-lifting gloves, belts and various other fitness accessories for our clients for over 30-40 years. Currently due to the rise in athleisure we have built up significant experience in gym wear and this is the segment where we foresee the most growth.

What makes us unique is our understanding of the European and American markets due to depth of foreign work experiences of the individuals working at Saviour. We are hence able to envision things from our clients’ perspective and go the extra mile when it comes to adding real value to our clients’ businesses. We have presence in the UK and are looking to expand further. We of course are specialists in quality control, economies of scale, and manufacturing due to our extensive experienced but we pride on being a forward thinking company that invests a lot of time in R&D and reshaping the industry.

The truly unique characteristic of our company are the low-prices we offer to our clients which enables them to increase their profit margins. For a complete price-list please send us an email.

Our Products


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Production Process


Every single piece of cowhide, sheepskin & goat skin is checked by hand. Leather hides are rarely perfect; therefore each piece of skin is graded and sorted into different bundles. Rejected pieces that do not meet the quality standards of the articles are sent back to the tannery. Issuance of each bundle of leather is done based on the specification of the article.


The leather along with other materials is then received by the cutting department. All Saviour gloves are punch cut. Which means all of our cutting is done on Hydraulic cutting presses. This gives our products a far more precise and a better finish on the edges in comparison to the traditional scissor cuttings. Each panel being cut is then inspected checked based on a specification sheet provided by the QC dept. For each pair of glove, the panels are checked for grain variations (I.e. grain on the thumb cutting with the palm).


The Stitching Department receives the numbered panels, which are then stitched through a highly efficient & specialized Chain-system. Optimum utilization of work specialization is achieved by assigning the stitching of different parts to each link in the chain.Each pair of gloves takes a highly skilled machinist 25 minutes to stitch a half finger glove and takes 70 minutes to stitch a full finger glove.


Finally every single pair of full finger Saviour glove is carefully formed on hot irons to create the perfect ergonomic fit. Finishing of products go through various processes, like trimming, thread cutting, polishing and touching.Each product is then carefully inspected; each component of material used along with workmanship is checked. Any product with irregularity or non-conformance to the quality standard is rejected. The product is either reworked or rejected all together depending on the nature of the fault.


Prior to packing our in-house Quality inspectors re-check each item for its material quality, stitching, finishing, tagging, marking, etc. Quality Inspectors have been appointed who randomly check any item at any stage of production, even when items are packed and ready for shipping. The quality attributes that are checked depend upon the stage of item production.


The third generation of Saviour Industries carries on values which established us as the preferred source for our products. We continue our relentless R&D program to ensure that our products will always be up to the latest trends, materials and technology with time-served manufacturing expertise. Our dedication to excellence applies to our entry-level products just as much as it does to the high-end models.

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