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When it comes to boxing gear, no one manufactures it better than us!

The game of boxing is definitely one of the most popular and toughest games. Protection is necessary for the players. Gears, if manufactured properly, add up to the overall thrill of the game even more. We are the leading manufacturers of sportswear and boxing equipment including boxing gears which are manufactured using premium quality material.

All of our products are highly helpful as they facilitate in playing and help in protecting yourself against various body injuries during the game and practice. Our range has also been further tested to make ensure that our clients get the best quality product from our side. Therefore, no need to wander about in search of best boxing gears, when we are right here for you!

Who we are

We are a leading manufacturer of Boxing Gears, including a wide range of all boxing accessories that contain all the necessary equipment for boxing. As boxing gears manufacturers, we love to innovate, create, and improve our produced Boxing Gears to ensure you quality. Thus, our boxing gears not only help in protecting you against injuries but also help you in thrashing away your component!

Our boxing gears are full of excitement, thrill and adventure, targeting all sportsmen and common people. Thus our boxing gears are mandatory component for every professional boxer, without having it one cannot think to clash in a tournament.

As well known Boxing Gear Suppliers and manufacturers, we make sure appropriate distribution of your shipment. Banking on our innovative manufacturer, we are capable of providing large requirements of the clients. We believe in meeting the exact requirements of the boxers. That’s why, our range is manufactured according to the designing specifications of the players.

Our expertise in manufacturing Boxing Gears

We are famous for providing with the best fitness equipment and sportswear throughout Pakistan. Boxing Gears manufactured by us are of export quality. We have been manufacturing boxing equipment for many years. Our wide production unit has the capacity to produce goods in bulk quantity with the desired delivery period of our customers. Every product manufactured by us can stand any test conducted of high quality standards. Moreover, competitive pricing is offered depending upon the nature of material used and the design ordered by the customers.

As a company, we always welcome to customize our product styles, and any material, brand name or demanded logo is made within no time, as per your requirement. Those buyers and importers who wish to produce design and styles of different products from us for their own company are most welcome!

We are confident on what we make for you as each of our products is passed through rigorous testing first, before getting delivered to you. Quality is our major concern, which is the reason we are providing top quality products to our customers all across Pakistan.

Our aim

Our basic aim and target is to manufacture and supply the finest high-quality products with reasonable prices and competitive prices, and to provide timely delivery of orders, as well as entertaining and responding to the queries of our customers in a timely manner. This is the reason why all of our customers are fully contented with our services. Our major strength lies in our staff and workers which are all highly skilled, experienced and talented. Our team is responsible for manufacturing, controlling the quality of the manufacturing process, R&D and Administration.

Manufacturing process

The design of our boxing gear includes padding of gloves. Padding material is ensured to be effective and absorbing energy by compressing. The gloves are highly absorbent towards energy, therefore they compress even more and tend to be useful. The weight of the gloves can be changed later on, depending upon your requirements, by adding or removing layers of padding. In addition, our gloves contain materials that add up extra energy absorption.

The Manufacturing Process is kept simple following different patterns and cutting gloves perfectly. We start with an individual piece pattern, which is further followed by other gloves. Gloves are stitched, stuffed and assembled, followed by perfect finishing. As it is more economical for glove suppliers and manufacturers to purchase padding material in standard sheet form, therefore we use layering sheets for padding, followed by cutting the gloves into the desired shape. We are well-aware of the requirements and design of human hand, and each glove made for you fits your hand perfectly.

Quality Control

The range of our variety in product line, good quality, durability and competitive prices have made us one of the most trusted sportswear manufacturing companies of its kind in Pakistan. All of this overwhelming response is due to our highly talented team which works in all the departments at Boxing Products Supplier and that’s why we have good terms and cooperative relationship with our loyal clients all across Pakistan, from different locations. We understand and fulfill their requirements at the right time and add to their satisfaction by meeting or even exceeding their expectations.

The material used for the production is of the finest quality according to the requirement of the customers, and these items sell well, our working and delivery is superb which is further controlled under strict supervision at all stages of production. Our main focus is on prompt and scheduled delivery of the shipment to avoid any kind of delay in the shipment process.

Our customer sales team is highly responsive to entertain all your queries. If you have got any inquiries about our current product line or have got any new products that you want to develop, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Highly responsive Team

Our qualified team uses high quality grade raw materials along with innovative manufacturing equipment during manufacturing to make sure that our products display significant features like strength, reliability and long operating life. Our complete manufacturing range is manufactured in conformity with industry guidelines so as to make our item at par in quality to international requirements.

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Our Skills

As a company, we have strengthened our reputation in market as a top-seller of fitness equipment, by designing and developing the best products,

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