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We are professional manufacturers of sportswear, offering clothing of top-notch quality from many years.

We are professional manufacturers of sportswear, offering clothing of top-notch quality from many years. By reducing the overall sourcing time, we directly communicate our customers and supply goods to them.

We have a team of trained employees and advanced machines and facilities. Our experienced professionals monitor the overall process of manufacture, from sourcing of raw material to cutting of clothes, and from sewing and stitching of fabric to the finishing of clothes. To make sure you get the best products from our company, we supervise every single detail with care.

We are a good option for you, because of our vast experience in delivering high quality garments. We are looking forward to be one of the best sports apparel manufacturers that provide best quality sports clothing, which is delivered at the right time to you, and with reasonable prices.

Our approach

We quickly perceive your requirements, and are able to understand your vision. Our team of professionals has much services to offer to you including sample making, pattern making, automated and manual abilities, sourcing and manufacturing of the product. We always prioritize all the aspects of a brands and allow our team members to give their best to satisfy our clients, thus ensuring highest potential for growth and promoting ability to stay within the approved budget of client.

Due to our extensive experience in manufacturing sports apparel and providing them to our various clients, we easily accept projects of all sizes, including casual and sportswear apparels for men and women.

Our inventory is specially formulated to hold sports apparel for every occasion, irrespective of the time of the year they occur, thus providing perfect apparel to every fitness freak! Our wide range of apparel includes sports bottoms that are breathable, jackets, hoodies, trendy tights, versatile gym dresses that easily fit to your body, irrespective of your gender, as we have sports apparel for both men and women. Thus, our outfits help you stay cool in warm weather and make you look even more defined.

We draft all the design patterns from the scratch using special software, and cutting down the digitizing costs. This provides us flexibility for making adjustments, while sticking to the deadline. After it, we wait for your approval. Once you approve our work, we are willing to work with you and make revisions for you until you get your desired work and are satisfied with what we are making for you.

Whole manufacturing process

Each item is first checked before finalizing it for delivery, including inspection of the fabric and accessories, followed by production on-line and consequently, the final inspection of the overall product to check if it meets the high standard requirements or not.

We understand and know all the requirements of various retailers and business owners related to different sports items like apparels and accessories, therefore, we have brought in consideration the fresh product genre of sportswear. In this manner, we have succeeded to achieve our target and become one of the top-class sportswear manufacturers of Pakistan! All our products come in a variety of designs, styles, colors and cuts. You can choose anyone of your taste and preferences.

No matter what sports you want to play, whether it is indoor or outdoor, whether you want apparel for football, basketball, gym, dance or any other thing that excites fitness freaks, we are here to serve you from all aspects of fitness, by providing you with the best sports and fitness apparel at reasonable prices. While the prices of other manufacturers are high, with poor quality, we have managed to play the game safe by providing our clothing line at reasonable prices, without compromising on the overall quality of our products.

We always offer room for making adjustments, therefore you don’t need to worry about anything if you are not satisfied with the work at the very first glance, as we will make the things work right for you, same like you wanted, providing you with unlimited revisions of the product, once your satisfaction level is reached.

Customized sports apparel

You can even get customized sports apparel for yourself and your all team members. Just inform us about your idea, and here you go!

We are here to serve you, offering the best and most impeccable custom sports apparel design options. Once you let us know about your personal requirements and preferences, we are ready to bring the exact products in bulk, by fulfilling all the orders and shipping them towards their related destination, and meeting the deadline.

We create, manufacture and deliver the best sports apparel. We have the biggest brands as our top clients, and thus bring you closer to sports. Thus, we are a perfect source of sports apparel to you whether it is tops, jerseys, shorts, workout wear or outdoor game wear. We are always eager to cover your every production at the right time, and deliver it to you.

Professionalism- Our motto

Our exceptional products make us the best suppliers of sportswear. We have got sportswear clients from all across Pakistan including various business folks, gyms, sports centers, and other corporate buyers and fitness seekers looking for fitness clothes and gears. Our collaborative team designs sports apparels in such a way which takes sports to the next level and provide clothing to new generation, thus contributing towards a more defined youth and an advanced world.

We take pride in being the market giants and taking fitness clothing and sports apparel manufacturing industry to the next level of success and glory of heights. There are different retail merchants, fitness freaks and business owners dealing in fitness clothes who are our top clients, and orders us in bulks.

Our customer service team is highly responsive towards your queries and eager to entertain all your queries by assuring their availability 24/7. No matter whatever sports apparel you may want, you are definitely at the right place. In case of any inquiries or placing your order, feel free to contact us at:

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Our Skills

As a company, we have strengthened our reputation in market as a top-seller of fitness equipment, by designing and developing the best products,

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